PT2 Character Importer

On April 2, 2012, in Poser Tools 2 News, by Admin

I posted the first version of a character importer. It’s by no means complete.. but I wanted to share what I have completed up to this point.

I’ve only come accross one character that gernerates an error for some reason, but aside from that, it’s doing what it is suppose to so far.

Currently, it’s only been developed and tested in Blender 2.58. What it does so far:

  • Click / load any .CR2 file
  • Generates an Armature
  • Generates the Character Mesh
  • Creates Materials and Loads any textures listed in the CR2
  • Applies materials to the mesh
  • Creates Vertex Groups that go with the corrisponding bones

What it does not do yet:

  • Parent the mesh to the armature.
  • There is no weight painting solution at this time.

What I hope to add soon:

  • Ability to load and apply MAT files (replace / change materials / textures)
  • Ability to load Morphs (Create shape keys)

Once un-zipped and placed in your addons directory, enable the addon from user preferences. The importer will be located as shown above.


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