Using Yafray with Blender – Part 1

On November 27, 2008, in Tutorials, by Admin

Once the script starts, you’ll see the opening options. I found that while using the Yafray
script, it is handy to have one window with the script running and another window beside it
with a 3d View. I usually use a button window across the bottom for adjusting options. This
is just a suggestion. You may find later on that a different setup may be right for you.

Part 1 – Working with lighting:

  • Lights are created and selected from Blender.
  • Each light is then adjusted in the Yafray script window.

With a simple scene setup up and a quick test render, you might find that your image just
comes out black with no objects visible. My original try resulted in just that. The reason
for this may be that the scene lights are just too far away to illuminate your objects.
Or, you may need to adjust the light’s settings in the Yafray script window.

Adjusting Lights

  • Select your “Light” from blender’s 3D View window.
  • From the Yafray Script window, click the button labeled ‘Object/Light/Camera’.

You’ll notice the new window shown above. On the first click, the Type drop down menu
will be left blank. If the light that you created in Blender is a Lamp type, you’ll be
given two options to select here:

Clicking the drop down menu, you’ll see that your two options are Point and Sphere.

  • A point light is just that, a single point in space where the light illuminates from.
  • A sphere light gives off light from a larger area resulting in a render similar to Ambient

Lamp Type Examples

Area Light Example:

An area light is similar to a Lamp set on “Sphere”. The main difference is that it’s directional
like a spot light. Setting the “Samples” value will adjust the softness of your shadow.

Spot Light Example:

A spot light, like an area light, is directional, however, it has no “Samples” adjustment. The
shadows will have a hard edge with a spot light.

Sun Light Example:

A Sun light is directional. The power from a Sun light is a lot higher, so you may need to adjust
the power level down compared to other lights. The Sun light type can also give a soft shadow
effect which can be obtained by adjusting the Angle value.

As you adjust the Angle value higher, I noticed that the overall lighting decreases slightly.

The other type option for a Sun lamp is a simple directional light. Nothing fancy to this one, just a
straight light going in one direction with adjustments for it’s power level.

Hemi Light:

Finally, Blender’s Hemi lamp has no options available from the Yafray panel. If rendered
with Yafray, you’ll get just a directional type of light with sharp shadows.



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